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We all love an ice cold glass of refreshing water on a hot day, whether it’s in the office or at home in the garden, but have you ever gone to the freezer and found the ice has all gone? Isn’t it a pain to have to keep filling the ice tray? With a Silverline water chiller you can have ice cold water on demand all day long! Silverline water chillers are simple to fit, with quick fit push connections, so no tools required. The chillers have a low noise system and are designed to fit neatly out of the way under your kitchen sink. You’ll never know it’s there until you have that cold glass of water.

Made to high standards with a stainless steel water circuit, stainless steel outer casing & “no bacteria risk” evaporator.

The chillers have a thermostat so you can set the perfect water temperature for you and your family. With many different buying options our under sink water coolers can be fitted on their own, retro fitted to an existing water filter system or fitted as new with a water filter system. We supply a double leaver faucet with our filter and chiller systems so you can have ice cold drinking water & ambient water for filling the kettle & cooking.

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  1. Under Counter Water Chiller

    Regular Price: £425.00

    Special Price £375.00

    Under Counter Water Chiller. Compact water chiller for instant chilling of drinking water, mains connection and will sit neatly under a work surface.

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  2. Under Counter Water Chiller With Tap

    Regular Price: £504.95

    Special Price £425.00

    Compact water chiller is provided with a high quality double lever tap. It allows an instant supply of both ice cold and ambient drinking water. It can be fitted to an existing filter system.

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  3. Under Counter Water Filter & Chiller System

    Regular Price: £609.15

    Special Price £523.90

    Top of the range chiller and deluxe heavy metal reduction filter package will give you ice cold, great tasting, healthy drinking water as required.

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3 Item(s)