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Ultra Violet Sterilisation Systems Domestic Range

If your household water is from a ‘private’ water supply and you want to be confident of its safety or you are aware of a problem with bacteria in your water a Silverline Ultra Violet Sterilisation system is the perfect solution.

Our domestic models (UV-DS range) are made of high quality stainless steel and comprise of s/s chamber containing a germicidal lamp and quartz sleeve plus a separate electrical box which allows flexibility for fitting.

The majority of our Ultraviolet systems are WRAS approved and Regulation 31 approved.

When selecting an ultraviolet system care must be taken to choose a model that is powerful enough to treat the flow required. If the flow is faster than specified the water passes through the chamber too fast for the rays to effectively kill all the bacteria.

Where levels of sediment are high or water is cloudy a pre-filter should be fitted as shadowing from the particles could stop the UV rays reaching the organisms.

The table following is a basic guide to the model size required to treat the water flow required in a property:

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Flow rate
(max. litres/min)
Model NumberView SpecificationOrder
4 UV-DS08 Click Here VIEW/BUY
8 UV-DS15 Click Here VIEW/BUY
21 UV-DS30 Click Here VIEW/BUY
36 UV-DS55 Click Here VIEW/BUY
52 UV-DS75 Click Here VIEW/BUY
21 UV-SL28 Click Here VIEW/BUY
36 UV-SL48 Click Here VIEW/BUY


The most popular models used for households are the UV-DS15, UV-DS30, UV-DS55, UV-DS75 models. As well as our Economy 28 and 48 watt Sterri light range. For higher flow rates please see our commercial UV systems. For pond and swimming pool applications flow rates differ to those shown above, so please contact us for more advice.

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Click here to view UV-DS Fitting Instructions and maintenance notes ( 0.05Mb)

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  1. UV System 75 Watt UV-DS75/SS/PP
    75 Watt Ultra Violet System. Treats 52 litres of water per minute. With female BSP connectors. Stainless steel chamber. Learn More

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