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Under Counter Heavy Metal Reduction/Removal Filter Kit UC60H
  • T1 Tap
  • T2 Tap
  • T3 Tap
  • T5 Tap
  • T6 Long reach Tap
  • T7 Small ceramic tap
  • T8 Star long reach tap
  • T9 Tap
  • T10 Long reach tap
  • T10 Short reach
  • T11 Tap
  • Regular Triple Flow Tap - TRIFLOTAPR
  • Deco Triple Flow Tap - TRIFLOTAPTS
  • Tall Triple Flow Tap - TRIFLOTAPT

Under Counter Heavy Metal Reduction/Removal Filter Kit UC60H

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  • In Stock

    UC60H + T6L – £260.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + T1 – £295.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + T2 – £285.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + T3 – £300.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + T5 – £285.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + T6S – £260.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + T7 – £275.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + T8 – £270.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + T9 – £270.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + T10L – £275.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + T10S – £270.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + T11 – £275.00

  • In Stock

    UC60H + TRIFLOTAPR – £370.05

  • In Stock

    UC60H + TRIFLOTAPTS – £370.05

  • In Stock

    UC60H + TRIFLOTAPT – £400.05

from £260.00

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Product Detail

Silverline UK Heavy Metal Reduction filters, are designed to reduce/remove a wide range of contaminants from water, in particular a vast range of heavy metals as well as chemicals and chlorine to improve taste and odour. They are also effective against fluoride and in many cases nitrates too.

The under counter system is easy to install and fits conveniently under the sink, to give you flowing fresh, wholesome drinking water at the turn of a tap. It has a max flow rate of  3.4 Lpm. This model is recomended for larger families and offices. The maximum life of the filter is 2 years or 40,000 ltr.

The system comprises filter cylinder, long reach tap and self piercing plumbing connection (both with tube ready attached for easy installation) and pressure protection valve. The unit is supplied as standard with a long reach flip leaver tap but alternative taps are available. Other taps available can be seen in the list of tap options. the total price payable is adjusted accordingly having made allowance for the standard tap.

The UC60H reduces/removes Heavy metals and improves taste and odour of your drinking water.

Under counter heavy metal reduction filter kit UC60H



Model: UC60H

Size: 15.0"x5.0"

Suitable for: Larger families and offices.

Working Parameters

Max flow: 3.4 Lpm
Max pressure: 100 psi
Max temp: 70°C
Screen rating: 1 micron
Throughput: 40,000 litres

Model name: MAXIFIX


The filters use a combination of media to reduce potentially harmful contaminants thus providing a superior quality of drinking water without stripping the healthy minerals (e.g calcium) from the water.

The granular activated carbon element :

Reduces many volatile organic chemicals (VOC), benzene, trihalomethane (THM) compounds, radon, solvents and hundreds of other man-made chemicals found in tap water.

Redox Alloy

Effective against a wide varriety of Heavy metals including lead and aluminium, flouride and in most cases nitrates.


Silverline UK heavy metal reduction filters have been extensively tested for effeciency by a leading British university. Details can be found in Testing of filters.

Expected life.

The filters require regular replacement as will become exhausted after a time, which is dependent on the size/capacity of the filter unit, the maximum life of the filter is 2 years or 40,000 ltr.

Water filter kit comprises

  • Water filter,
  • Drinking water tap
  • Self piercing water connection 
  • pressure protection valve
  • Connection tubes 1/4" diameter



Silverline UK

Based in Devon, with distributors throughout Europe, Silverline UK Limited manufactures a wide range of water treatment systems and products.

Reasons to choose Silverline Uk

  • The highest quality materials are always used.
  • We have a technical team available to interpret your water report and give advice on suitable solutions.
  • We can advise and manufacture to your specific requirements.
  • We have a wide range of products to meet your individual needs, domestic and commercial.
  • Prompt postage or delivery with a range of carriage options.
  • Reminder service to let you know when your filter/cartridge needs replacing.
  • Wide range of WRAS approved products.
  • All components and parts conform to British standards BS6920
  • The filtration media are approved by the Drinking Water Inspectorate and the Department of the Environment
  • Careful testing is performed on all our products and reports are available for many to substantiate performance.
  • Friendly well informed staff happy to assist.