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Ultra Violet Sterilisation System Sterri Light 28 Economy Range

Ultra Violet Sterilisation System Sterri Light 28 Economy Range

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Product Detail

Type: Ultra violet sterilisation

Water passes into the stainless steel chamber where it is subjected to ultraviolet rays, lethal to micro organisms and bacteria, which penetrate and destroy the cell structure.

UV treatment is one of the safest ways to disinfect water as they are a natural component of sunlight. No chemicals are added so there is no danger from overdosing or creating a bad taste.




Silverline UV systems comprise an outer chamber made in polished stainless steel, that contains a high purity quartz tube surrounding a 28 watt ultra violet (germicidal) sterri lamp plus electrical box.

Power: 28 Watts
Flow Rate: 21 Lpm
Connections: ¾" BSP Female Paralel


Installation Guide

1. Carefully unpack and check all parts for damage. The units are normally supplied with the
    internal quartz sleeve fitted and sealed. Lamps normally packed separately. Screws to fix the
    brackets are NOT supplied.
2. Fix brackets to wall where the UV is to be mounted (leaving adequate space for lamp removal
    from at least one end).
3. Fix UV chamber to brackets ensuring it is firmly secured.
4. Join water supply pipes as appropriate to inlet and outlet ports.
5. Mount UV control box centrally adjacent to the chamber, ensuring the electrical wires can
    comfortably meet both ends of the UV chamber for lamp connection.
6. Connect power lead from UV control box to plug or fused switch (5 amp fuse should be fitted to
7. Carefully insert lamp into UV chamber (sits within quartz sleeve).
8. Push white connector plugs from control box onto each end of the lamp. Join earth lead to nut
    on UV chamber.
9. Turn on water to UV unit and check for leaks.
10. Turn on power to control box and check for ‘glow’ at chamber ends to ensure lamp is lit.
  •Once installed the ultraviolet light should remain on continuously so all water is treated. We
   recommend the lamp should be changed every six months to maintain full strength and, if
   fitted, the pre-filter cartridge should also be replaced.
  •The quartz sleeve within the unit should be periodically cleaned or replaced to ensure it does
    not impair the UV light. We recommend 2-3 yearly but sooner if water clarity is questionable.

Silverline UK

Based in Devon, with distributors throughout Europe, Silverline UK Limited manufactures a wide range of water treatment systems and products.

Reasons to choose Silverline Uk

  • The highest quality materials are always used.
  • We have a technical team available to interpret your water report and give advice on suitable solutions.
  • We can advise and manufacture to your specific requirements.
  • We have a wide range of products to meet your individual needs, domestic and commercial.
  • Prompt postage or delivery with a range of carriage options.
  • Reminder service to let you know when your filter/cartridge needs replacing.
  • Wide range of WRAS approved products.
  • All components and parts conform to British standards BS6920
  • The filtration media are approved by the Drinking Water Inspectorate and the Department of the Environment
  • Careful testing is performed on all our products and reports are available for many to substantiate performance.
  • Friendly well informed staff happy to assist.