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Turbidity Filter Manual PSTF/CW

Turbidity Filter Manual PSTF/CW

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Product Detail

Turbidity filter with manual backwash control for use with potable water to reduce turbidity and provide clearer water.

This unit is designed for off grid locations where power is intermittent.

This water filter can treat a peak flow rate of around 20 Lpm depending on contamination levels.


Turbidity filter with manual backwash control for use with potable water to reduce turbidity and provide clearer water.

Service Flow rate 5 gpm
Dry weight 66 kgs
Fittings 3/4" bsp
Backwash flow 4-5 gpm
Electricity rating Non Electric

Installation Guide



1.    Place riser tube into cylinder ensuring it is central

2.    The media charges are numbered. Pour first bag of media (labelled ‘1’) into the cylinder ensuring none enters the riser tube and that the riser tube remains central. Use of a funnel is recommended

3.    Shake the cylinder gently to level the media

4.    Repeat procedure for each bag of media in numerical order


  1. Push backwash valve onto riser tube ensuring the riser tube is positioned into the top screen. Then screw the valve up firmly onto the cylinder
  2. Connect the inlet of the turbidity unit into the water supply
    DO NOT connect outlet at this stage
  3. Fit drain line to the drain elbow on top of valve head, and open end to waste
  4. Put the outlet to drain, then slowly turn on the water to the inlet and allow the unit to fill slowly
  5. Allow water to flush through the cylinder on slow flow until the water coming from the outlet runs clear
  6. Once the water is running clear, connect the outlet to the water line
  7. Connect transformer to power supply
  8. Press the scroll button on the valve twice then set the correct time using the up and down indicators
  9. Press scroll button twice again, to perform a manual backwash (will count down from 10) and allow completion of the full cycle
  10. When cycle is finished, the valve is back in service mode. Repeat the manual backwash another 2 times, again allowing completion of the full cycle. From service mode you will need to press the scroll button 4 times to reach the backwash mode
  11. The system is now in service.



  1. Fit the inlet of the Turbidity Unit into the water line. Do not connect outlet.
  1. Allow unit to fill slowly with water and put the outlet to drain (a hose may be attached if convenient).
  1. Allow water to run through the cylinder on slow flow until the water coming from the unit runs clear.
  1. Manually backwash unit at least 3 times, allowing completion of the full cycle run each run.
  1. Continue running water slowly through the cylinder until the water is again clear.
  1. Connect outlet into water line.
  1. Set time on backwash valve to operate once a week or as directed.

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