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Reverse Osmosis System 5 Stage Pumped ROSYSP5

Reverse Osmosis System 5 Stage Pumped ROSYSP5

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Product Detail

 The pumped reverse osmosis system comprises:

Sediment cartridge for particle filtration
Carbon cartridge to protect membrane from chlorine
Membrane housing with TFC membrane giving high rejection levels of unwanted water elements
Post filter for final polishing of the water
3 gallon stainless steel collection tank
Electronic solenoid valve to prevent overfilling
Pump to guarantee efficiency regardless of water pressure
Deluxe ceramic dispensing tap and plumbing connection both with tube attached for easy installation.

The system is connected to the mains water pipe under the kitchen sink using a self piercing valve. To ensure water is not wasted on washing up and cleaning a separate drinking water tap is provided.  Both the pipe connector and tap have tube attached which push into the system inlet and outlet respectively.



Reverse Osmosis system with pump. Sediment, particle and chlorine prefiltration, membrane separation and polishing filter with pump.


5 stage filtration
Stainless steel tank
20 litres of water in 2 hours
Minimum pressure n/a
Max pressure 7 bar

Main System Dimensions:
Width 40cm, Height 46cm, Depth 19cm

Stainless Steel Tank Dimensions:
Circumference 93cm, Height 36cm, Diameter 32cm

Installation Guide


Designed for simple D.I.Y. installation. All connections supplied for standard installation.

1/2" drilled hole required on sink or nearby worktop for drinking tap.
3/8" drilled hole required in drainage pipe, for positioning of drain outlet clamp.
Self piercing saddle clamp valve supplied for connection to water supply (standard 15mm copper pipe).


With the exception of filter changes there is virtually no maintenance.

The prefilters should be changed every 6 months as these protect and prolong the life of the membrane.
The post filter should be changed yearly.
The membrane life will vary depending on water quality and volume treated.  The more work the membrane has to do the shorter its life hence the value of regular prefilter replacement. Expectancy is 2 to 5 years.

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