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Iron and Manganese Reduction Unit With Manual Non Electric Backwash Head PSIM/CW

Iron and Manganese Reduction Unit With Manual Non Electric Backwash Head PSIM/CW

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Product Detail

Type: Iron and Manganese reduction unit

This filter is designed to collect Iron and Manganese and Hydrogen Sulphide ( the rotten egg smell) from the water during the day and automatically  backwash at night to clean the Iron and Manganese it has collected during the day.

The system is suited to off grid locations with little or no power, but please remember the filter still requires a pressurised supply to backwash with.

The filter is designed for water with lower contamination levels and houses that have cold water storage tanks in the loft or other buildings such as pavillions, rescue shelters and some remote campstites use these filters.

The Iron and Manganese filter will also need a pressurised supply of water to backwash with so will need to be fitted after the pressure vessel although this filter will work in other applications but this will need to be specified when ordering.

It is advisable to email a test report on your water before buying the filter to ensure the filter is right for your water or alternatively you could give us call as the advice is free!

For use with potable water to reduce levels of Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen sulphide

This filter is for essentially low contamination levels with a flow rate of up to around 15 lpm depending on contamination levels.

Our iron and manganese units include ABS lined cylinder, 3 cycle backwash valve and 1.5m drain hose.

56" x 10"

Regulation 31 approval by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.


For use with potable water to reduce levels of iron and manganese.

Pressure: 20-120 psi
Temp: Cold water use only. Must not freeze.
Recommended flow: 5 gpm
Backwash flow: 4-5 gpm
Electrical rating: 240V 50Hz

Type: Iron and manganese reduction unit

Please note:

  • Where water pH level is below 6.5, for best results a Silverline pH correction unit should be fitted before this filter.
  • Where water appears clean at source, but discolours when left standing, a valve to aerate the water should be fitted before this filter.

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