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Reverse Osmosis Pump System

Reverse Osmosis System with Electric pump

How it works

Water passes from the cold water supply into the pre filters where dirt particles and chlorine are treated. It then passes into the membrane where clean water can pass through and contaminants are rejected and sent to the drain. The treated water passes into the post filter for final polishing then into the collection tank for later usage

The system is connected to the mains water pipe under the kitchen sink using a self piercing valve. To ensure water is not wasted on washing up and cleaning a separate drinking water tap is provided.  Both the pipe connector and tap have tube attached which push into the system inlet and outlet respectively.

Reverse Osmosis System 5 Stage Pumped ROSYSP5

Reverse Osmosis System 5 Stage Pumped ROSYSP5

Reverse Osmosis system with pump. Sediment, particle and chlorine prefiltration, membrane separation and polishing filter with pump.